volunteer in tanzania

VOLUNTEER+ in Tanzania

Position based: LEA English Media school Dongobesh

Duration of the stay: March 1st2019 – March 1st 2020

Application deadline: 27.10.2018

Contact person: Janka Adameová, e-mail: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript., tel.: 731 401 449

Main responsibilities of the volunteer:

  1. Assistant to the Head of departments in LEA school with an emphasis on practical teaching
    • Providing practical tools for subjects such as math, vocational skills and others.
    • Assisting teachers during lessons focusing on practical presentation - lesson preparations with the teacher so that they have the necessary tools in the classroom and know how to present them correctly.
    • Opportunity program - if it still exists, maintaining contact - exchanging letters with American kids.
    • Secondary school - help to build a "kuku house" - Secondary education focuses on agriculture, "kuku house" would teach the students to take care of hens, also teaching how to build such construction. The aim - food (eggs)
    • Secondary - English and ICT classes
    • Helping to prepare trainings together with Joshua Foundation for LEA teachers and helping with the implementation of gained skills
    • Helping the primary school choir
  1. Evening activities
    • Continue teaching computers, not only Microsoft Word but also Internet and Power point
    • Projection of movies for children on Wednesdays and Saturdays and once in a while projection of a "mature topic" film for the older kids at hostel (st. 6, 7, Secondary) For example, documents about nature - environment, technology, etc.
    • Art lessons for selected classes in the evening - painting, sewing, crafting, origami etc. Ideally, one of the teachers would be recruited to accompany the activities.
  1. Extra-curricular activities
    • Continuation of the Library - providing books and keeping returns.
    • Girls' groups - Bible studies for girls from Secondary school (prayers, discussions).
  1. “Children of Africa”
    • Contact person between the school director and Children of Africa
    • Providing information about new children ready for sponsorship and already sponsored children, photos and letters - Keeping regularity and emphasise more personal letters from older children.
    • Counselling for more problematic sponsored children - personal interest, dialogues.
    • Contact with other volunteers and preparation of new volunteers.
    • Website and Instagram - Updating information about upcoming projects, supported activities - New materials for school - benches, paint, food, etc.
    • Videos for "African Dreams" and website.
    • Receiving guests from Europe, helping the director to organise the program
  1. Other
    • Assistance at school with final exams.
    • English for teachers who'd like to improve their level (if there is demand and time)
    • Help the matron and the hostel manager with managing additional needs for children (clothing, shoes, others).
    • Learning of Swahili (possibility to financially support a teacher)
    • Compilation of a Story book about lives of our LEA children (collection of stories, etc.)

Ok, now, if you are still with us, let´s proceed to the next steps:

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