International day of the Earth

On Sunday the 22nd of April 2018, with the motivator of The International Earth Day, 7 people (4 volunteers, two coordinators,and a Petulinko) met in Trinec stadium with one goal: to clean the forest.

Armed with trash bags and love for nature (no gloves) we made our way through the forest for 3 hours, picking up all kinds of trash on the way. But to our surprise, the forest was surprisingly clean, for the most part. We had to search to actually find areas that were not cleaned. But once we found those scattered areas of the forest we got into work for good, finding from bottles to old clothes to all kinds of plastic.

All while enjoying the beautiful and atmospheric aesthetic of the forest. We took some great pictures, had some great conversations and after we did our part on making the Earth a little cleaner, we went for lunch and beer to a nearby restaurant, proud of our achievement.
Even though we did not do a big change overall, we improved a small part of our community, and that is reason enough to be happy.

Marios Adam

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