Work camp in Valeč (9. - 11. March 2018)

"It was nice", were the three words how few volunteers described the last two days.

But this sentence is too superficial for this weekend, which for me was a new and exciting experience! So for which occasion did I travel almost 8 hours to a little village called Valeč, near to Lubenec, which is in the western part of Czech Republic?

It was a work camp, which motivated me to join in. On Friday evening 7 other volunteers and I met in Valeč. The place where we were supposed to sleep and stay for a few days was a farm, with one farmer house, some campers and one yurt. In the tent we spent the most of the time, when we were not working. We also had a chance to visit a small village and the castle at night with torches and candles.

And what was the work all about?
The main task was to prepare the Eco camp Doupov. It will be a place, where travellers can camp in a natural and environmental way. We had to cut trees, to build kind of a fence with the branches, to clean the area and to build a compost toilet, a latrine.

In the middle of the day we had a tasty lunch. Of course self-made with fresh vegetables and healthy meat from the farm.

All of us worked hard. We were motivated to help and with friends next to you, talks, songs and sun the work seemed more like spending a good time. We didn't forget to have fun.

In the evening I was milking two little lambs from a bottle.

I liked to be on the farm for the weekend, to get an insight into the workday of a farmer, to walk in mud all the time, to be in dirty clothes which nobody cared about because everyone is in the same situation.
All in all it was a lovely weekend!

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