OČIMA BÝVALÉHO DOBROVOLNÍKA Aneb Coming back to the crime scene :-)

Finally coming back to Czech Republic after 9 months was such a great experience!

coming back2

It has been a 15 hours journey to our destination, the Moravian-Silesian region, from the moment on when we crossed the borders to Czech Republic we were eagerly waiting for every Czech phrase, announcement on the train or conversation we could listen to, every time feeling delighted like a small child on Christmas. First we spent a few days in Krnov, had awesome events there and met great people, had great Czech conversations and so on but the experience I want to focus on is the arrival in Český Těšín, the city I worked and lived in during my voluntary service.

Even though the first few days were already bringing back so many memories and were a lot of fun, the moment when our train arrived in the train station and I saw the well-known signs of my beloved city, written in Czech and Polish, was just beyond my comprehension. I felt so happy to be back in my „second home“.

Walking through the well-known streets was weird: on one side, it just felt normal because I was used to walk along these streets nearly every day for 10 months, but on the other side it felt also really special:  memories connected to all of the places came up and still the feeling in my heart - that being back again can’t be true - was with me , just overwhelming.

First thing we did on this beautiful Sunday afternoon was visiting the teahouse (called Čajovna in Czech) again, so comfy! And again we were just sinking in the pillows, forgetting about time and things stressing our mind.

So in the next few days I concentrated on meeting friends and acquaintances again, as well as on meeting the new volunteers: it was so great to meet them all, to have talks about what has been happening in the past few months, talking fluently in English and the courage to try to speak Czech fortunately came back really fast.

With the new volunteers we felt really fast connected, spending a few days together and sharing experiences of our voluntary services made me feel like they were well-known friends, just like if they were belonging to our generation of volunteers (2016/17).

In addition to that, they were really happy about recommendations for travel destinations or special places to go.

But the most important new volunteer for me was the successor in my old work place, visiting with her the school I worked in was awesome but the talks we had were even better: for me it was really amazing that we really shared similar experiences, whether we we’re talking about students, assistants or colleagues I could start a sentence and she would finish it – in the right way!

Furthermore it was really great to visit my old placement again (even though a few things changed): everybody seemed to be very happy about the reunion, I had great talks with teachers and assistants but also recognizing the progress the students made was very cool.

coming backBut time was flying so fast (we visited my favorite restaurant on earth, which is located in the polish city Cieszyn, twice and went another two times to the teahouse) , me and my travel mate developed the strong desire to stay in Czech Republic till the end of the current volunteers’ voluntary service.
With new remembrances, a new language tandem partner, enhanced language skills and a smile on my face but also a tear in my eye I had to leave the country I learned to love - again.

Crossing the border with a whisper on my lips: “Tak příště!” (Next time!)!



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