Christmas dinner Volunteer 2018 – 2019

INVYś volunteers decide to celebrate Christmas together on 15 December in Český Těšín, Bezručova 1210/3, 73701 with Christmas dinner. It was great opportunity to see each other, enjoy and share together some moment.

christmas dinnerAlso, we organized a "Secret Santa”, we write down every volunteers name and we could choose one of them, after that we started to think and prepare some gifts. Before dinner we changed our gifts and we started great evening. We were speaking, dancing, drinking and it was really enjoyable evening for each of us.

The staff consists of Marie-Andréanne (France, volunteer in Krnov), Sasha (Russia, Volunteer in Krnov), Svetlana (Russia, volunteer in Český Těšín), Tolunay (Turkey, volunteer in Český Těšín), Mariamo (Georgia, volunteer in Třinec) and Philnique (France, volunteer in Karviná).



christmas dinner

christmas dinner3

The menu:
The appetizer: crisps, garlic bread, toast. The entrance: Camembert in the oven – or raw ham - all whit a salad. The dish: a vegetarian menu for those who do not eat for vegetarians (or those who wanted it): a vegetarian lasagna. And a second dish: baked potato with parsley chicken in the oven. The dessert: ice cream, chocolate cake, a Czech’s cake iced apple, and Czech’s cookies.




christmas dinner

We wanted to say thank for INVY, who helped us to finance for this beautiful project, also thanks to the staff: MAD, Sasha, Svetlana, Tolunay, Mariamo and Phil who organized everything.


This evening was also important because Tolunay’ll finish his EVS and returns to Turkey, and it was chance for make kind of goodbye party for him.


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