Cleaning up the Earth 2019

The 6th of May 2019 at 10:00 in Český Těšín Slezská Diakonie’s volunteers met up for cleaning up dirty wastes in city park, which indictate us city office as a area who might need some cleaning up.

We met together in front of the shop to all together buy us needed plastic bags and white gloves. Then we went to a city park and separate us for better view the polluctions. Each of us clean up one big plastic bag of dirties and as we assumed the most popular wastes was plastic bags, bottles, product packaging and used paper. For us it was a great oppurtunity to involve in our nature protection. We wanted to take part of local cleaning up the wastes and show people that if you really want – you can do it without any doubts. At the end we spread our ‘’Cleaning up the Earth’’ idea in Facebook, Instagram to increase pollution awareness on internet.

Thank you INVY for helping us more involve in ecology!

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