As of late arrivals shortly after arriving in the Czech Republic, we held our seminar in Český Těšín on 13.12.2019. We 2 volunteers at this quite informative and enjoyable seminar were from Turkey, (Ahmet and Ezgi). We came to the Czech Republic late due to visa stuff and started our project late but we adapted quickly to everything and attended a very nice seminar!

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We had our seminar in the main building of Slezské Diakonie and it was a long enjoyable day with our coordinator Pavla. First of all, I should say that the activities were very entertaining, informative and useful. We weren’t crowded, but our seminar was much energetic. I want to write briefly about myself and Ahmet. My name is Ezgi. As I said, I am from Turkey. I am 25 years old and a geography teacher. Geography is really a passion for me. I like traveling in my free time, meeting and helping new people and learning new cultures. I also was a volunteer in turkey. Ahmet is 22 years old and a graduate of finance. He is interested in music and fitness. He likes much to travel.

Our Program was;

*Welcome and get to know each other

*Acknowledge the value of voluntary service

*Set the goals for ​I​NVY

*Spend time together

The seminar started in the morning and we had the opportunity to get to know each other better with initial activities. We discovered our same and different points. Together with our coordinator Pavla and talked a lot about Czech culture and more. We had a lot of fun with all the activities. And I learned new things while having fun. We are particularly familiar with the goals and programs of Slezske Diakoie and ​I​NVY. As a volunteer, we have learned how to find solutions to any situation or a problem that we will face. And I think it was useful. While learning, we also followed more creative and fun ways. All the materials were very colorful and interesting.

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After the morning activities, we had a delicious lunch with Pavla and Tereza. We tried quite some delicious Czech foods with Ahmet. İn the afternoon activities, we reviewed our volunteering process from the beginning to the point about it and noticed how changed at this point in our process. We gained awareness with this seminar ! :)

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We had the opportunity to read the experiences of volunteers like us. Thanks to this seminar, it was very nice to learn about a new culture and volunteering information while learning new things about our Project and process, to learn and have fun with various activities. After attending this seminar, I realized that the seminars organized for volunteers were very necessary because it helped us better understand the purpose, progress, and details of the Project. I look forward to other seminars that I will attend with all volunteers ! :)​

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