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  • We are Department of Foreign Affairs within Slezská Diakonie and our programme is called interVIA.
  • Voluntary service means a journey during which you discover yourself, Our Lord and other people.
  • We implement various programmes: INVY, INVYT, INVYT+, INVYT Junior and INVYA.
  • In total more than 200 young people from the Czech Republic and from all over the world have participated in our project so far.
  • We work in cooperation with EU countries (Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary...) and non-EU countries (Tanzania, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA...).
  • We place great emphasis on personal, professional and spiritual development and we support social, intercultural and socio-political learning.
  • We are member of EDYN network (www.edyn.org) which operates under NEVSO (www.nevso.eu).

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