Our volunteers

Volunteers are people with high motivation to serve needy and variously marginalized people.

Volunteers have various national backgrounds and serve in various countries. Their profile is diverse. We offer our support to any motivated person.

Volunteers are enterprising, creative and willing to help. They are ready to encounter challenges, gain new experience, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. They also want to get to know themselves, inspire other people, find new friends, get familiar with foreign cultures, places and languages, and share their talents. Volunteers bring new energy, zeal and innovation into our services. All this can be achieved thanks to interVIA.

InterVIA gives chance to all young people, regardless of their race, nationality, sexual orientation, confession, economical or social background, geographical obstacles or health impairments.

InterVIA also supports volunteers who need personal support.

In addition to international volunteers, our programme brings additional value to many other people, which makes us very happy indeed!

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