Our volunteers

Generally, volunteers are people who are passionate, sympathetic to others and determined to help those on the margins of society.

Volunteers come from various backgrounds – both cultural and geographical – and they form a truly diverse bunch.

We encourage everyone who feels the way we do to participate in our programs.

That said, it means that no matter what your race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, health condition, social or economic status are, and no matter how remote the location you come from is, you are free – or, to be precise, encouraged – to volunteer.

Let us mention that INTERVIA also supports volunteers who require individual assistance.

What else can be said about our volunteers? They are eager to help. They do not lose the verve to participate in work creatively. They accept challenges and through them, they learn, observe, meditate, discover new skills, inspire others, make new friends, get familiar with foreign places, cultures or languages. They share their talent. Thanks to them, the voluntary service is being constantly refreshed and can evolve in new ways.

That is what INTERVIA is about. However, let us not forget that there are two sides of the same coin – there are not only those who help, but also those who are helped andwhose lives are now a bit brighter thanks to voluntary service. And that makes us genuinely happy.

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