Who we are

We are Department of Foreign Affairs within Slezská Diakonie and we offer participation in various volunteer programmes:

  • INVY (International Voluntary Year)

  • INVYT (International Voluntary Year in Tanzania)

  • INVYT+ (International Voluntary Year in Tanzania+)

  • INVYT Junior (International Volunteer in Tanzania for 2 months)

  • INVYA (International Voluntary Year in Argentina)

InterVIA supports international voluntary service both in the Czech Republic and abroad. In this way, through helping other people and working with the needy, we offer access to non-formal learning and education. Our programme places great emphasis on personal, professional and spiritual development and supports social, intercultural and socio-political learning.

We are member of EDYN network (www.edyn.org) which operates under NEVSO (www.nevso.eu).

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