INVY stands for „International Voluntary Year“. Slezská Diakonie coordinates both the sending and the hosting of volunteers. Within INVY-hosting, young foreigners are hosted as volunteers in various placements of Slezská Diakonie and its cooperating organizations. Within INVY-sending, young Czech citizens are sent abroad as volunteers. Voluntary service lasts 10-12 months. In most cases, the service starts on 1st September and is designed as a long-term project in social services and diaconal schools. Young people aged 18-30 from both EU and non-EU countries can participate.

The programme is aimed at ensuring space for personal growth and learning. Volunteers are in contact with coordinators, supervisors, mentors, colleagues, service users and their families, as well as with the entire community. They all learn from each other and enrich each other. The learning process is reflected on during joint seminars and other non-formal and formal meetings.

Practical information in a nutshell:

  • Volunteers work 6 hours a day and 5 days a week (i.e. 30 hours a week).
  • 2 days off each week.
  • 2 additional days off each month.
  • Monthly pocket money and food allowance; precise amounts depend on the particular host country.
  • Accommodation provided individually or in community.
  • Travel costs reimbursement (tickets to host country / back home, participation in seminars, and others) are specified.
  • Language course: 90 minutes a week.

 Costs related to the organization of INVY programme are covered by Erasmus+ programme and by partner organizations.

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