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Up to now we have sent 12 volunteers to 9 different EU countries. We co-operate primarily with our partner organizations within EDYN network (


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2Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, France and Poland.


In host countries the volunteers have the support of local supervisors, mentors and coordinators. They participate in regular seminars along with other international volunteers. There are varied forms of support, depending on the particular host country.

INVY coordinator keeps regular contacts with both the volunteer and the sending organization.

Before the departure and after the return from the host country, volunteers take part in pre-departure and evaluation seminars.

You will gain much new knowledge and experience during your voluntary service. You are welcome to share this precious experience and you have our full support in this field.

Klárka is one of the volunteers we sent abroad. She spent 9 months in Poland and you can learn more about her voluntary stay and her personal impressions in the video below :-)


Are you interested in volunteering abroad? Click here.


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