Volunteers hosted in the Czech Republic

We had the pleasure to welcome the first international volunteers that said yes to INVY in 2005. Since then, Slezskádiakonie and its partner organizations have hosted 175 volunteers (quite a number!). These young people travelled to the Czech Republic from 17 various countries1.

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1Denmark, France, Italy, Israel, Palestine, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece and the USA

If you are curious to see what projects you can get involved in, open this link.

When you take part in INVY as a volunteer, you are paired with a supervisor who not only guides you and observes your progress, but also supports you. And then, there is your mentor. A mentor is a friend whose task is to help you enjoy what the host country and community offer when you are not in work.

And we should not forget about a coordinator, who actually plays a key-role in your voluntary service. A coordinator arranges your INVY, organizes seminars and supervisions. A coordinator is ready to support you as well as your supervisor.

Well now, having read through the information, would you like to dive in INVY and come to the Czech Republic? If so, please contact our partner organization in your country.

Or, if you feel like volunteering in one of our partner organizations under EDYN network, contact their coordinator. Here is a list of organizations involved and more information about EDYN.


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