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The goal of INVYT (International Voluntary Year in Tanzania) Junior programme is to provide young people with the occasion to experience a short-term 2-month voluntary service in Tanzania in interaction with other young people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and in the context of everyday life of our Tanzanian partner organizations.

By inviting young people to a short-term voluntary service, INVYT Junior gives them a chance to stimulate their spiritual, personal and professional development through conscious learning. Social, intercultural and socio-political learning are equally emphasised.

INVYT Junior also provides the participants with a basis for reflection on a possible follow-up long-term voluntary service implemented in cooperation with sending initiatives in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

Voluntary service is implemented at LEA Ministry Pre-, Primary and Secondary School in Dongobesh, as well as at Yeddidias Secondary School in Marethad. INVYT Junior volunteer’s fields of action reflect current needs of local Tanzanian community, local organizations and Czech and Slovak partner organizations. Particular activities may include e.g. assistance in education, development, presentation and implementation of innovative school subjects and after-school activities, organization of free time activities and administration work. INVYT junior volunteers sometimes work jointly, in teams of max. four members, which means another unique experience for them. Specific activities depend on individual skills and talents of particular volunteers.

We sent the first group of INVYT Junior volunteers to Tanzania in the summer 2019. You may read about their experience on the following blog:

You can also follow the activities of our INVYT and INVYT+ volunteers working in Tanzania:

Before the departure and after the return from the host country, volunteers take part in pre-departure and evaluation seminars in order to consciously reflect on the learning process.

In the host country the volunteers are supported and led by a supervisor – an experienced INVYT+ volunteer – with whom they regularly evaluate the course of the service. Such support amounts to at least one hour a day. In addition to personal support and reflections on learning, the INVYT+ volunteer also evaluates to what extent the Junior volunteers have accomplished various activities and their goals, as well as their integration in the local context.

Another key role is played by the voluntary service coordinator. He/she coordinates the INVYT Junior programme, leads seminars and supervision sessions with the volunteers and supports the learning of both the INVYT Junior volunteers and their supervisor.

You will gain much new knowledge and experience during your voluntary service. You are welcome to share this precious experience and you have our full support in this field.

Practical information in a nutshell:

  • Volunteers work 6 hours a day and 5 days a week (30 hours a week).
  • 2 days off each week.
  • 2 additional days off each month.
  • Accommodation provided.

Costs related to the organization of INVYT Junior programme are covered by partner organizations and by the volunteers themselves.

Volunteer’s financial contribution to the project amounts to 15 770 CZK and covers the accommodation (food allowance and pocket money) and vaccination costs. The volunteer is also invited to fundraising activities run under the auspices of the sending organization. Finances raised are meant to cover travel expenses and activities related to the preparatory and evaluation phase of the project. Volunteers who join fundraising activities benefit from a reduction in their financial contribution to the project.

Selected candidates will be informed about financial plan details.

INVYT partners:

Are you interested in INVYT Junior volunteering?

Once the call for application is opened, you’ll find it on this web site. Watch the following videos to get some inspiration! The videos were made in cooperation with former or current volunteers and our partner organizations (Děti Afrika CZ or Deti Afriky SK).

You can watch the videos here:

Vitajte v LEA Pre and Primary English Medium School


Life of Nuruana, student of LEA school


Deti Afriky SK


Trip to Yaeda Chini

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