INVYT+ stands for „International Voluntary Year in Tanzania+“. In the context of this programme, Slezská Diakonie has the status of sending organization and also ensures the coordination of the sending procedure. INVYT+ is a follow-up to INVYT and is designed for participants who have already had experience with activities in developing countries. No age limit applies to participants in this programme.

In addition to supporting the development of INVYT programme, the goal of INVYT+ is to develop new activities in interaction with local inhabitants and to respond to the needs of local people, organizations, communities and development activities of sending organizations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The duration of INVYT+ voluntary service and the volunteer’s fields of action are always defined by project partners. Interested persons may apply on the basis of an open call to applications.

The very first INVYT+ volunteer was Silvia Žiaková who worked in Dongobesh in 2017-2018. Our second volunteer, Aniela Taska, has recently returned from Dongobesh. Both of them have shared their experience on their blogs:

Costs related to the organization of INVYT+ are covered by partner organizations and by the volunteers themselves.

Are you interested in INVYT+ volunteering?

Once the call for application is opened, you’ll find it on this web site.

You can learn more about INVYT+ programme directly from Silvia who talks openly about her voluntary service in the following video.

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